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85 Years of Integrity and Client Confidence

Safety Commitment

Safety is a very important element of our critical factors for success.  Safety is more that just a commitment it is an integral part of J.W. Enochs' Standard Operating Procedures.  Providing a safe working environment for our employees as well as all onsite craftsmen is not only the right thing to do, it is a responsibility we accept and embrace.

Making a construction site safe starts in the initial stages of planning.  It requires the development of operational procedures and strategies designed to prevent accidents or injury.  It requires constant and scheduled review of what is actually transpiring on the site.  This extends to ensuring all crews on the site are following all established state and federal safety regulations and that the most recently developed safety equipment is being used.

For years our documented track record has exceeded all industry standards because of our philosophy of including safety as core ingredient to our operating procedures.  It is this core value in protecting both employees and all those associated with the project that has yielded lower insurance rates which ultimately result in greater savings to our clients.

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