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85 Years of Integrity and Client Confidence

Key Success Factors

While every project offers its own unique set of challenges, each requires a level of consistency regardless of size to be successful.  J.W. Enochs has identified several factors that are essential measures of a projects success.



Open communication availing clients of prompt attention and easy access to express concerns, desires and answers to questions throughout the construction process. 


Quality Construction

J.W. Enochs is a quality builder that builds quality into every project.  There is a reason we were entrusted with the renovations of two Virginia's most cherished landmarks - The State Capitol Building in Richmond and Berkley Plantation site of the first Thanksgiving.  Quality workmanship goes into every project.  We continually inspect our work and deliver superior quality on every project entrusted to us.


Timely Completion

Staying on time and completing a project on schedule is important to not only our client, but serves a testimonial to our organizational skills and efficiency.  We utilize scheduling technology, weekly updates and detailed schedules to proactively bring our projects to fruition on schedule.


Job Site Safety

We utilize a comprehensive safety program that incorporates site inspections with  training and education to ensure a safe working environment for our team.


Financial Success

J.W. Enochs takes tremendous pride in being able to meet and exceed expectations by delivering quality on time and within the budget.  We believe the key to our success rests with the quality of our subcontractors, the numerous years we have had a relationship with them and the open communication of what we expect from them and what they can expect from us.  This combined with effective and efficient purchase of goods and services results in exceptional value for our clients.



Client Satisfaction

With J.W. Enochs your satisfaction is never an issue.  The reason we can make such a bold statement is actually quite simple.  From day one you are in contact with J. "Wilson" Enochs.  Expectations are defined and understood and lines of communication are established and opened.  Throughout the project you are able to have direct contact with Wilson Enochs.  There are no delays created by layers of people to get to a decision maker or a problem solver.  There are no surprises and you are in the loop throughout so you are satisfied that what was established initially is being fulfilled every step of the way.


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