About Us

J.W. Enochs Inc., started by James W. Enochs Sr. in 1920, has been serving the central Virginia area through several businesses. J.W. Enochs Inc. began as a building supply business upon the closure of the DuPont Gun Cotton Plant in Hopewell after World War One and upon receipt of a contract to dismantle much of the plant. The building supply business continued into the 1950’s while branching into residential construction, cement block manufacturing, soft drink bottling, pulp wood supply, and automobile sales. This varied background was focused by J.W. “Jim” Enochs Jr. in the early 1950’s to a pursuit of commercial and industrial construction general contracting.


Our projects have varied dramatically over the years and this versatility has been one of the foundations of our success. We have built dams, bridges, schools, office buildings, water treatment plants, manufacturing plants, dairies, warehouses, museums, hotels, medical and veterinary facilities, theatres, grocery stores, historic restorations, airports, and multiple buildings for the local, state, and the federal government. We use this extensive experience to help clients solve construction problems, assist in design development, and control costs.


J.W. Enochs Inc. grew in the competitive bid market and has worked with almost all of the established subcontractors, architects, and engineers in this area and can assemble the appropriate team for your project or provide extremely competitive pricing for your design. We have many repeat clients through our ability to complete the work on time, in budget, and with the highest quality standards. We believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset, and we treat all our clients with respect and fairness. We would prefer by far to have a repeat client than to compromise our standards in the interest of profit.

We believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset, and we treat all our clients with respect and fairness. We would prefer by far to have a repeat client than to compromise our standards in the interest of profit

J.W. Enochs Inc. has provided turn key constructions services while controlling costs through competitive bidding among a broad group of known qualified subcontractors. This approach establishes the general conditions, overhead, and profit for the project in advance allowing the owner great latitude in the extension of the scope of the work and to address an evolving design.


We have provided design/ build services which can uniquely serve clients through continuous cost control during design and incorporation of innovative approaches and value engineering. This approach can avoid the common problem of a completed design which exceeds the owner’s budget. We facilitate the design process and refine it through owner input, value engineering, equipment research, and materials research. This approach also provides the owner single source responsibility for all aspects of the project and facilitates a team approach to the work. This format can be very successful in completing complicated projects quickly and/or within a specific budget.


J.W. Enochs Inc. has managed the re-zoning and site plan approval process at the municipal and state level for owners saving substantial legal and engineering fees. We can take your idea from concept to completion, allowing the client to remain focused on their core business, while keeping our clients informed of the progress of design, approvals, and construction.


J.W. Enochs Inc. can facilitate for clients the certification of their projects by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) through the Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) process. This is an exciting and innovative approach to design and construction incorporating cutting edge methodologies to save energy, reduce waste, utilize local materials, and reduce a projects detrimental effect on the environment J. “Wilson” Enochs III, a LEED Accredited Professional, will familiarize you with the process, benefits, costs, and results and will coordinate the approval process with the USGBC.


J.W. Enochs Inc. manages its business with integrity at all levels. We have the highest Dunn and Bradstreet credit rating obtainable for a business of our size and a bonding capacity of 25 million. We carry no debt or extensive overhead which maintains our competitive edge. We have an excellent safety record, with an insurance modification rate of 0.9, and have not had a lost time accident in over 8 years. We enjoy what we do and strive to be the best at it.


We have won several awards for our projects and work and encourage you to go to the “Awards” tab for further information.