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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for the first meeting?

Your ideas, goals, and budget are a great start! If available, a land survey on hand will expedite zoning reviews.

I've had my initial consultation, what is next?

J.W. Enochs will define the scope of the work as discussed and create a quote based on the discussions. Typically, you should receive the quote within 2 weeks after the initial consultation.

How does J.W. Enochs know what to quote without having a complete design plan?

We will assess the project as presented in discussion, and advise you regarding the process you will use toward attaining your goals. The proposal we present will include allowances for changeable aspects of the project; if the allowance is exceeded, the difference is handled as an extra. As a simple example, let's suppose that our bid allows for $600 for a 6ft cabinet ($100/ft). The cabinet you pick out is $900 ($150/A). The difference, $300 ($900 - $600), is an extra, and will be added to your final bill.

What if we want to make changes to the proposal?

The proposal is only the beginning. It is expected that improvements/changes will be made throughout the planning and construction process. These changes are addressed by addendums to the contract. Minor changes may require no addendum, while major changes may require substantial changes to the projected budget.

Do I need architectural plans?

It depends on the scope of work on your project. Most construction jobs need architects plans. J.W. Enochs includes/provides architectural services or we are happy to work with any architect you choose.

What are your payment terms?

Typically we expect a deposit of 5%, and 4-6 payments throughout the construction process at predetermined intervals.

Who is responsible for permit applications and fees?

J.W. Enochs will complete the forms and apply for permits. Once permits are approved, the owner will pay the permit fees in their municipalities. J.W. Enochs will coordinate all inspections.

How long before work can start?

After plans are conceived, and permits have been issued, work can usually begin within two weeks.

How long will my job take?

Probably the most common question we encounter. Each job is different, so broad generalities are difficult. J.W. Enochs will give you a projected start date, as well as a projected completion date for your project, based upon the scope of the work required

What if I have a problem, concern or a question during the project?

Your initial contact will be with you throughout the project and will be available to you is only a phone call away.

What if I want to use my own subcontractors?

J.W. Enochs will endeavor to support a client's request regarding subcontractors, with the understanding that a particular subcontractor chosen by the customer may not have a working relationship with J. W. Enochs. This may cause delays if the chosen subcontractor's other work interferes with the scheduling originally outlined in the proposal.

After my project is complete, if I have a question or a problem, is J.W. Enochs available to me?

ABSOLUTELY! J.W. Enochs, is dedicated to our customers before, during, and AFTER their projects. We will do our best to help you through any concern you may have. Simply stated, we GUARANTEE our work for one year after completion of the project.